[Fashion] better clothing fabric to see how to find

If you buy the clothes anyway, buying things with good fabrics would last long.
But, how to recognize the fabric is so difficult. So, how to distinguish good dough anyone easily introduce.

Method is simple, requires little preparation.
1. First of all, extend the thumb nail. ※ This is very important!
2. 伸びたら thumbnails and go shopping.
3. Found a favorite, turn the hand sleeve.
4. Make thumbnails should extend from the back of the fabric.
This just in, good dough can tell whether or not.
Remain after the nail, with good fabrics. After a nail, reverse left is much better fabrics.


Distinguished whether the fabric the better in this way only cotton material.
Technology is used when determining good professional tailor’s fabric this way. In this good buy you?
When buying clothes, please check quality of fabric.
Good dough, says here, and is not in the sense that long-lasting, one pointing to the raw material is a good thing. In General, not lasting good fabric as said.


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