How to enjoy the snob [belongings and clothes]

When you go for the first time snowboard, hopefully have what?
I do not know in what hopefully good!
It could go to so much not aligning variety! And anxiety to many.
For when I tried making possessions, clothing lists.

Rental preferred is to bring list.

One can rent a ski

  • Plate (a snowboarder)
  • Boots
  • -> And check the size of the good will.

  • Ski wear down
  • Lift generations combined ware and Board rental you have approximately 10,000 yen Would be estimated either.
    Ski, because even if it has plentiful along the way of the non-rental And to examine it around information may not be.

Required property

    System of Government that could rent

  • Goggles
  • → When slipping in earnest good is that, even
      It is quite bright and snow reflects the sunlight.
      The substitute flexibility even sunglasses
      So when I could get hurt by is sunglasses Lenovo several times, so go buy goggles recommended.

  • Globe
  • → number of attaches to snow ski over the more

    It is to buy cheap things, and we have some hand hard and cold. System of Government needs are

  • Protector and supporter
  • > So beginners will often fell, to prevent such as hips and knee bruises. Cold will become harder.

  • Hat
  • > Hidden ears is ideal.

  • Mini handkerchief or towel
  • Pocket tissue
  • → for snot went out in the cold.

  • Sunscreen
  • → are more positive reflection, thought reflected strongly in easy-to-Tan.

  • Lip balm
  • Plasters
  • -> Leguminous prevention.

  • Lift ticket holder ( even OK )
  • Change purse


  • Inner
  • Neck warmer
  • Tights
  • → because only tights in cold case Jerseys and sweatshirts we have it may not.

  • Socks
  • → better so if snow inner is greasy, but cotton cold becomes easy to avoid.
      Better, such as chemical fiber is recommended. Heat TEC and fleece materials also are recommended.


Solid and cold, with injuries like Lenovo!


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