Hot picks and ZAO Onsen ski area

Introduce the featured day springs of zaō Onsen Ski Resort and its surroundings.
[Recommended ski resorts in the Northeast]
-Shizukuishi Kogen ski field and featured hot springs / PPS ratio Kogen ski ground and featured hot springs

Yamagata ZAO Wang Onsen Ski field is located in Yamagata, Yamagata zaō Onsen Ski resort.
Rime is seen at the top of the rime original course, that is famous worldwide. It is worth a gliding once you prefer to ski slopes.
[Operating hours]
Early December-mid ※ Open 3 月 31 日 at the bottom of the piste.
At the top is open until early May.
 -Night skiing
 9:00 ( yokokura slopes and only on one slope )
Course outline
Course (s): 26 maximum incline: 38 times
Distance: longest runway :9,000 m slope configuration: beginner intermediate 40%: 40% of senior: 20%
Lifts: 3 ropeway, 1 gondola, 38 lifts Snowboard ratio: 40 %
[Piste map]


[Featured day trip Onsen]
  - Center Plaza Ordinary day spa center.
  Souvenir shops are equipped.
  Opening hours: 6:00-21:30 Bath fee: adults 600 Yen / child 400 Yen
And sources 7 open-air bath
  Cheaper rates, spacious baths.
  Opening hours: 9:00-21:00 Bath fee: adults 450 yen, children 250 Yen
New entrepreneurship in the water ,
  Ordinary day spa center, buzz ranking is higher.
  Opening hours: 10:00-21:30 Bath fee: adults 700 yen / child 400 Yen
ZAO Onsen large open-air bath ,
  Hot wide ZAO Wang one of about 200 people can bathe.
  Opening hours: 6:00-19:00 Bath fee: adults 450 yen, children 250 Yen
  Open-air bath in hot water to visit the hotel widely recommended. Bath fee: 1000 Yen
ZAO international hotel
  And open-air bath and chartered bath. Bath fee: 1000 Yen
Shared bathroom
  Is three baths on water, under water, and water Kawahara in the ZAO hot springs.
  However, because the narrow wash, orientation day spa is not. Bath fee: 200 yen for adults / children 100 yen




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