[Safety] tips for driving motorcycles around town

When driving around the city may cause unexpected accidents in the mind a little loose. Once and avoided it just a little tip…. Please remember information that “will help you know it”.

Sometimes see people running sticks right before cars. It is suicidal. Motorcycle driving fundamental is not to act like they “suddenly” never. Jackrabbit, sudden stop, brakes, including most dangerous will be side by side. It is necessarily and too inflexible sushi, suddenly before the car without brakes is strewn. Taxi running, especially before would be worst-case.
Since taxis are running while passengers feel constantly, and find your customers, is granted it towards that rapidly changing lanes. When in fact I also left lane running bike in was bumped to the taxi suddenly has a lane change. It is has been throwing from right lane nay customers cited trail on the left hand. So if especially running behind the cab, when it comes “keep distance to quickly run away at MCAS.
Also, check for passengers over the rear glass taxi is important and, in addition to foreseeing the forward is what you want to have to see what guests ride wait no more.


If you have accidents, and injuries if you, and injuries to others is who will grieve that Cup around. You won’t regret later, smarter let’s dating bike and constantly work head.


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