prepar cat winter

Cat is a good winter season. Only at this time, from owners to escape from the bad environments tend to fall into you I’ll be careful.

Cold winter is anyway good for cats. Bad environment because of the potential pitfalls is a pet owner you’ll note.
First cold is a good cat is prone to lack of exercise winter.
Let’s keep mind to exercise enough. Watch out from lack of exercise are obese.
Please give careful about food terms. Let the 10 minutes sunbathing on a clear day.
Useful for prevention of various diseases. Keep a reasonable humidity indoors!
This is not just cats who also same so that you adjust the humidifier, good to each other. Temperature control is important. Cat temperature higher than others, higher is desirable even at room temperature. However, is prone to particular stove heating equipment, such as cause of the accident. We had enough to dumpsters to safety management.
Given careful illness or injury,live with the winter health.


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