Goldfish scooping goldfish grow

Scooping goldfish, a staple of the Festival. Little attention before the foster home

Stall goldfish is “weakened” State

After the goldfish of the stall is most juvenile, has originally transported from the fish farms in addition to the weak,
And 追い回さ people in the stall, and until more come home in plastic bags. Keeping in mind that first of all to recover stamina goldfish, get ready to moderate.

Keep chlorine out of the water

So before the first Festival “a pitiful eye goldfish
“Goldfish keeping!” that prepared and bucket 2 much Prepare the 汲み置き Sun water (with chlorine without water).

When the goldfish does not detour

In temperature to rise takeout bags
And putting more animals also oxygen in the water will tend to lack.
Or leave your car, and carry it around for a long time will be spent bags remain.
Do home rounded up for goldfish in it and still enjoy the festivities and lonely. Because goldfish scooping recommended way back when.

Hastily put into the water.

Before entering the Aquarium, float bags goldfish heavily aquarium water 15 minutes.
Water temperature changes rapidly, and from and especially water cold causing disease is. When I was in the water tank and together with plastic bags of water temperature, let’s the discharge tank.

The rise in input is required

“Aquarium” and “circulation pump or bubbles unit (ぶくぶく)” to buy.
And the bucket, “rise in” to breed, in addition to hypoxia,
In water purification dies to the flaws in the excrement of the goldfish, etc.. Entire aquarium water one time in three weeks, rebuilding, one-third of each let you replace the water.

Feed rate

And feed the excess death easy will be. Extent according to the number of Goldfish thumb up once every 2 days is enough.


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