[English] wanted to read but AME-COMI American comics

Jeans back pocket flimsy not thought walking sticking the American comics it’s fashionable young would-be and childhood was.

I once read English a-, and junior high school student was started. At that time, the ordinary Bookstore, books “peanuts”, and acquaintance of that comic book in the Charlie Brown and Snoopy but is considerably was ordered. But comics and marvel comics for the goods is wanted to slightly high price in big bookstores were available then.
Even in academic achievement at that time until the contents of the very from, I had to pretend to read for those who just. Is inspired by the books encouraged the English extensive reading found by chance then, read the 漁りました starting from the Radio Department of English children’s books and GR (for easy educational books for non-English speaking). This useful considerably and is now roughly has turned to tell paperback. It also came the words that you don’t skip the reading. With the existence of the electronic dictionary is important.
You no longer way find easy, so take time looking at things that they get tired. But slang, or AME-COMI is little difficult right now.


As my learned a Japan language is good in the way. Skip know kanji reading, pastime also wanted to know is meaning only consult a dictionary. I’m do enjoy Teito in the sense of fun in the same English, rather than studying. However, while English exam is a different thing, so sorry to moderate learning not only is it.


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