[Coffee] and the hospitality of Ethiopia

Hi, Wow perfect! Is Garnet staff.
Specializing in coffee beans, ground coffee beans ペーパード trip to, but here is a favorite for several years.
Brewed and watching TV while drinking freshly brewed coffee Introduce because Ethiopia hospitality method was introduced.

Ethiopia’s coffee from the old country of origin,
( Cafe ) “Kaffa” name, derived from the origin of the name of the coffee and Is country is important to coffee, said.
There, you and your hospitality, Rituals coffee ceremonythat is so common.
In front of the guest starts from the roast to coffee beans at home,
Freshly ground beans, brewing up make women in their homes. Of course, tea and utensils in each home.
Apparently, women acquire the manners of the coffee ceremony of It is a commonplace.
In Japan, representing thanked in the tea ceremony Though coffee in Ethiopia represents thanked deeply involved.


Tea is now less seen at home as well as other traditions common now
Otherwise I’m sure the Ethiopian coffee ceremony That would be a traditional way to represent the feeling of welcome and thanks to the people.

Think flavor and and now let’s aroma coffee in Ethiopia the beans!


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