[At home easy] brewing delicious coffee Papered lip

Not without resorting to coffee makers, BREW coffee on your own is difficult? So you can easily BREW authentic coffee too little tricks and things you need, is the introduction.

Materials required

  • Coffee Cup ( server is still good )
  • Pot ( thin objects prone to cold conditioning featured )
  • Coffee powder ( 10 g x number of g + 10 minutes ) like beans is fine
  • (Not dry) paper
  • Dripper (think hole: Carita expression generally like the three)


  1. Boil with hot water. Papered RIP for use boiling water to get bitter, so about 80 ° c hot water temperature is good!
  2. They tap into flat, dripped into coffee powder. During ground much recommended is Papered trip, coffee beans.
  3. Pour the hot water circle to draw little by little from the center of the powder, moisten the whole.
     ※ Point here!
     Increase had the time to 30 seconds! Can be ready to extract flavor and aroma is 10 minutes!
  4. We will slowly pouring to draw a circle.
     ※ Point here!
     Hot water takes the side of paper (end if)
     Just hot water fall, tends to be pale coffee. Also, and so it is extracted hot water takes depths to good.
  5. Coffee people after the extract is a completion removed the server from the Cup.
    ※ Point here!
     ”Waste” from said and it casts a coffee until the end.
     AK remains also fell on the powder together. Is’s best finish in a little water remains in the Dripper extraction.

Notes and tips

  • The long-lasting seal save the coffee beans had played in the shop and put in freezer. When using do not unzip!


That is not directly into the Cup, and extract the server reflects the original appearance
And the lazy guy of if I want to drink and Papa just will pour directly Cup (laughs) It is still drinkable coffee


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