[Cafe referral] Kurumido coffee @ Nishi Kokubunji

Has a Café in the hobby is This is in Kokubunji city, Tokyo
Introducing the Kurumido coffee.
“Water out coffee extract over 8 hours per second drop time, distinctive aroma .
” Has owner ‘s Word is like ago.
Underground -2 floor, is a configuration of the
Through the water come out transparent glass and porcelain cups and visiting the two,. Lemon taste wasn’t ( w )
Walnuts eat can be free to table , Walnut excavator table together there.
Incidentally the coffee and the delicious! Is a little season with light, is a coffee drink’s taste rather than.
Is the Cafe several times in space so relaxing visit.

System of Government KURUMED COFFEE (coffee Kurumido)
[URL] http://kurumed.jp/
[Address] Tokyo, Kokubunji-Shi Izumi-cho 3-37-34 Marge Nishi Kokubunji 1F
[TEL] 042-401-0321, Japan
[OPEN] 10:30-22:30 ( 22:00 )

[CLOSE] Thursday ※ JR Chuo line “Nishi Kokubunji Station South exit 1-minute walk.


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