[Art] a solid practice part 3

Work to convert the 3D to 2D and struggles when it draw a picture? But when it does not improve, try this exercise would suggest.

Replace the 3D to 2D is very difficult.
写せば what I saw in the eyes as you do. The only real replacing the 3D to 2D? okay.
It’s actually the have the depth of the picture isn’t or. The depth seen if you want to truly stereoscopic picture, try this exercise method.
Effective techniques for capturing stereoscopic again is a cube.
Let’s put in the picture I want to draw the cube. Image small cube ride on the big cube, you’re painting a vase on the table? Replacing one cubic one book picture books are stacked if take place. Much such depth should decline begin suddenly draw more.
So if the balance of the picture, now let’s replace model further fine cubes. If human, captures the cubic body joints per.
Pretty arrangement not visualize? Just after is it stands parts of each in the cube.
Very difficult to directly replace humans, such as two-dimensional. However, it dramatically easier would be cubic. So, is it stands first with simple image placement, draw there.
If you do draw a cube, practice, practice draw three-dimensional letters replacing what I want to draw cube it is very easy. Now, briefly what it depicts.


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