When stung by a jellyfish

The seasons of the sea. When stung by jellyfish, in the unlikely event it is

Wash the affected area

When a poisonous jellyfish stings without rubbing treatment as すりこまない nematocyst skin, rinse in water,

Alcohol or ammonia water possible, disinfect affected.
Because the jellyfish venom is weak heat from hot dry sand over may washed in seawater.
Wash out anyway, when the water is taboo.


And washing in fresh water, the difference in osmotic pressure is from nematocyst venom would help flows into the body.
To minimize the pain and swelling after washing
Application of adrenal cortical hormone formulations and an antihistamine ointment.
Symptoms of erythema and skin disappears after the 4, 5,
After one week from the long, jellyfish venom allergy
Erythema may again appear, Erythema, eczema, blisters over the extensive and When there are systemic symptoms such as headache, nausea, promptly physician the medical institutions.
Jellyfish, bites if let these things as aid. Aid after paid look at medical institutions.

Detailed steps

• Get rid of jellyfish tentacles Take the jellyfish position tweezers, towels and tissues.
-Antiseptic disinfectant solution to take over. Even if there is no hot dry sand disinfection effect.
• Washing in seawater ← points! Do not wash with salt please. Wash with seawater.
• Apply ointment. Sunscreen containing steroids, an antihistamine ointment, cortisone ointments.
• Cool Executive Cool in cold water or ice executives.


“Sterilization” and “removal of jellyfish venom” is basic first aid when stung by jellyfish to venom. Also introduced is is a “first aid” in the end, do not anxiety if you should consult a medical.


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