Futsal – Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-[search]

Want to futsal in the hobby is
Because good information not settled

This section summarizes Futsal courts of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

◯ Shibuya Adidas Foot Park

     And Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 2-24-1 address
  East West side store Hotel rooftop Tokyu department stores
  -TEL 03-5728-5599

    Best coat
    ( Astroturf front 15 x 31 m )

Night lighting, lockers, shower rooms.
    Hours [weekdays / Saturdays and holidays] 10:30-23:30

Holidays, year-end holidays more

◯ Tokyo Sports Hall Futsal courts

     -Address Tokyo sendagaya 1-17-1 tomigaya
  Tokyo Sports Hall multipurpose courts
  -TEL 03-5474-2119
    The Futsal ( 20 × 30 m 2 surface sand people with artificial turf )
          Operating hours: weekdays: 9: 22:30-Saturday: 9: 21:30-

Sundays and public holidays: 9: 00 21: 00

◯ Miyashita Park Futsal field ( Palace under park renovation for the time being between closed )
  At TEL: 03-3498-6231-6-20-10 jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo address
2 ( 30 x 15.5 m, rubber people with artificial turf )
    Male and female locker and shower
Opening times 9:00-9:00 PM
Closed, year-end and new year holidays ( 12/29-1/3 )

Facility inspections,
     Public facilities for rates cheaper than private facilities, restrictions and

Available only with pre-registration and Shibuya-ku, living or work.
  ◯ Shibuya-ku, Sport Center Foot Sal Cort-address 1-40 -18 nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  -TEL 03-3468-9051
        No. 1.3 Monday closed sales each month (if the day falls on public holidays is followed on weekdays),

Year-end and new year holidays ( 12/29-1/3 ) [Point here!
  Price is Adidus Football Park Shibuya is relatively high
  Is a great environment to futsal.
  Tokyo Sports Hall slightly futsal, sliding is easy to

Size and spaciousness of both ¤
  For the other 2 coat Shibuya and operated
  And don’t do advance booking district
  It is recommended to book checked out early because of restrictions on use. Cheap rates is the big advantage!


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